Joanne Hand the North Island Manager for Hagar NZ came and spoke to Tuakau Rotary about stopping Human Trafficking.
Joanne gave two case studies of young ladies who at a very young age where placed into slavery.  One was send to another family and was enslaved for 8 years before she broke free and found Hagar.  She is now an ambassador for Hagar telling her story.  The second girl was sold into a marriage in China, once again breaking free and becoming active in the fight against slavery.  Joanne says there arte more than 14 million people enslaved in the world and NZ is not exempt.  She gives a little more insight in the blurb below.
I’m passionate about raising awareness of the global issue of human trafficking. You most probably read the recent media news on child sex trafficking in NZ which is hard for us, as Kiwis, to accept that it’s happening in our nation. Hagar is an organisation that works individually on the recovery journey with women and children who have survived extreme human rights abuse due to human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and modern slavery. Hagar is developing a reputation as a leader in trauma-informed care working frontline as well as training other agencies and organisations in what we have learned. As part of this work, we seek to influence law and judicial systems to prevent human trafficking and to help bring perpetrators to justice. The Hagar NZ support office works to both fundraise and promote awareness around the issue of modern day human slavery. As part of a coalition, Hagar NZ helped fund the research released to the NZ Government, “Worker Exploitation in New Zealand: A Troubling Landscape” and we’re pleased that 2016 saw New Zealand’s first prosecution for human trafficking. 
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